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Start of the season 17

Finally...Even winter was short, we really appreciated an early start to the bouldering season 2017. We had a lonely, quiet winter up here. Not much going on at all...just waiting, spying the light at the end of the tunnel...spring.

Since the end of March we are enjoying good, when not perfect conditions at Magic Wood. Climbers from all over the world already passed by and the season is in full swing.

Feels good, that there are people around again in this death valley.

Rewind...Me, myself and I had one of the worst times ever experienced in my 38years of living on this planet. Too much negative vibrations and other shit i try to deal with...too much to get started here. Then, compared to how other folks have to live and fight, it's nothing. Still it's a battle and even though, im still standing, walking on and smiling. At least as much as i can for now...but i know that everything gonna be alright soon.

The biggest respect and thanks to keep it up and running goes to my wife Science. Even she's going through a stormy time in her life, she still has the power to give me the balance, freedom, peace, hope and happiness. Thanks a million darling for everything.

Fast skip the negative. Let's talk climbing again.

For a while now already, we are cruising the woods, searching for a suitable projects, new lines or just the peace between the boulders.

I was already a bit active and established 3 new lines and a retro line up to 7a.

Further more we had great company and an amazing crew up here the last weeks. Funny and good times between the boulders or with a glas of red wine later on the day.

Here the first short sequence of our Magic Wood diaries, part 1. Futures the first three new lines at the river and Philippe "the wild one". Enjoy it. The second part is in the making, praying for another first ascent to happen soon, and time to work on it.

Then yesterday another key and low moment in my life. To walk on my beloved grandfathers death-bed and say goodbye forever, just a few hours before his last breath, broke my heart. The worst was not seeing him lying there, but seeing Grandmum still in love, carrying and soon to be alone. Now the worst pain is over and we are looking forward again.

Once home and filled from lunch, despite the big snow storm, i went for a walk to hunt for new boulders and clean out my head. A few new lines appeared in front of me and i started brushing. At least that kept me warm. After one hour of eating shit, as the wind blow all the moss and dirt in my face, i stoped. Sat down, sheltered from boulders, enjoying the power of nature and let my mind wander...way back to my childhood,

Now the weather looks way better again. Perfect conditions ahead for the coming days and everybody is ready to crank their hardest.

I'll try to keep this blog running more frequently over the season. More updates, more videos...

Have a good one and enjoy. Peace

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