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When winter comes...

...that is the big questions we climber face, when the leave are turning from green to yellow and red. It got way colder up here in the valley on 1320meters, mostly just around 0 degrees in the morning hours. The sun comes just before lunch and set at 3:30pm...a little earlier in the bouldering area. The autumn days are golden and we enjoy best climbing conditions (at least, those who came and can), on some days. The last days was pretty damp due the rain a few days ago, combined with the cold and sun during the day...not always a good combinations.

The next days or even week looks amazing. Check out the forecast here:

Bodhi Camping construction started about two weeks ago. First steps like the heating system drilling or shelter moving has been done. The community will try in coordination with the construction team to build as much as possible before winter comes. We are hoping that the inconveniences for you will be as low as possible. Sorry in advance for the noise pollution during week days. If everything runs smoothly, by the beginning of next season there should be proper toilets and showers on the campground, as well as wash basins to do your dishes.

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