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  • Thomas Saluz

Winter kicks in...and out.

Already a while since my last blog entry. Time is passing by and we are waiting already for spring again.

2014 have not been the best bouldering season at all due a lot of rain and other circumstances, but it have been the longest season as far as i remember. On christmas day i was still bouldering on dry ground, cold temps and perfect conditions...26 of december the first snow felt and i stoped visiting Magic Wood.

I have been in Chironcio once, could climb an amazing 7b Boulder called Tomahawk and witnessed an Ascent of Bernd Zangerl in Freak Brothers. Climbed a few times with our friends at the Boulder-Opera in Grüsch...but all in all i surely should do more to stay fit.

Mid Winter i made an ascent of the Vengahorn 2948m over sea, in Juf. All the years of beeing lazy made me suffer like hell. Barely stood on my board on the way down...Motivated for more, the winter or work didn't let me explore the winter mountains again since.

Priority was the family. Going skiing/snowboarding every free minute that we prepared for more next winter. It's great to be out enjoying the days with your beloved once and lovely to see their process.

As the days grow longer already, we are in the middle of preparing the next bouldering season...even don't really know where to start. At least our Team is choosen and we are really looking forward to work with a motivated crew.

We never had a lot of snow the whole winter and actually hope for an early bouldering season. It's to early to tell and the weather always can change, so we are very careful about weather fortune telling...Time will tell and bring light into it.

In this way i wish you a good winter and perfect start into spring and bouldering season 2015.

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