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  • Thomas Saluz

Bodhi @ Magic Wood

Finally i find time again to update all our websites, blogs...not that nothing happend. no, a lot did indeed.

Everybody in the valley looked forward to spring this year, after a hard winter. Birth whistling, flowers blooming...finally life hit us again. As the conditions in Magic Wood improved very fast from totally covered in snow to nearly amazing, the first visitors where not far away.

We bypass the early days with bouldering outside the valley near Chur or in Chironico. Where, after a short session, i pulled my hamstring. Shit happens and we drove back home with one warm up boulder in the pocket. At least Alycia pulled the last hours as much as she could and where ever she found a boulder that suits her.

As season arrived at Magic Wood, i was once again sitting here out of order...more or less thought. Still hiting the forrest for a walk to check conditions and taking pictures or footage for a movie projects. Meet incredible strong climbers , catched up with old friends from seasons ago and climbed a couple of boulders. Figured out that a lot of Boulders need a hook on your right leg, which now after nearly 2month of recovering still doesn't work. Either new beta or skipping the problem was my solution. Also i still looking with melancholy to my personal project list. Eight out of 12 Boulders are off, as they all need the right hook...I'll find some others, dont worry.

Despite the small injury im feeling blessed, living in a magical place like this. All the diffrent people from all over the world passing trough and the beautiful setting makes it simply perfect. Not just because of all that high quality boulder problems in my backyard, also family and friends are making it more then worth...

Some of the strongest among us been pulling hard at Magic Wood. Alex Megos (see picture), Wiz Fineron, Jimmy Webb & Crew, David Firnenburg, Anton Johansson, Anthony Gullsten...just to mentioned a few

Our new project IG Magic Wood (see started well too. Small things been arranged and step by step we'll take on our open projects. Now we are preparing for the 5. Magic Wood Clean Up Day sometimes in August (more information coming soon).

I love the varation of my job in all it's facets. This season will be a big challenge again, but im sure we have the right team in our back to get things done.

I'm looking forward to see all you guys again, for some climbing, socialising and a little party! (getting older, thats why just a little)

Keep the good vibrations up where ever you travel. I just makes everything easier for everybody arround you. Have a wonderfull season and keep on cranking.

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