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The Bodhi Family

Hello, we are Bodhi...

Scaling heights, one grip at a time, our family-run climbing business blends passion with expertise, ensuring every ascent is a memorable adventure.

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Team Spirit
Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali);in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment and literally means awakened. Bodhi is knowledge of the causal mechanism by which beings incarnate into material form and experience suffering. Although its most common usage is in the context of Buddhism, bodhi is also present as a concept in other Indian philosophies and traditions. Our way of Bodhi is "awakened towards nature" and a positive spirit.

Averserstrasse 27

CH-7444 Ausserferrera

*41 79 960 24 60

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Gasthaus Edelweis

Thu - Mon: 9am - 10pm

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