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  • Thomas & Netthida Saluz

9th Magic Wood Clean Up Day

25./26. August 2018: Due to the bad weather forecasts, we can only gather 45 volunteers for the ninth edition of our annual legendary Clean Up Day in the morning for registration and briefing this year.

After a short speech by the IG Magic Wood, all participants poured water into bottles or other containers and headed into the forest. Since there is hardly any garbage in the forest, this year we concentrated on cleaning the boulders. As well as the weather has not invited to climb anyway, all participants have made huge amounts of boulders clean.

At this point, again a huge thank you for your participation and commitment.

At 19 o'clock the hungry helpers were enjoyed a delicious grill and salad buffet and then the prize giving was started. As always, the participants found a generous gift on the table. Thinking of the volunteers around the music, a small marquee and more tarpaulins were installed during the day so that nobody had to stand in the rain. As an upgrade, the boys have also built a small stage, so that the appearance of "Al-Berto & the Peaceful Bikinis became prominently.

Shortly after 9 o'clock songs from Al-Berto & the fried bikinis swing the dance leg. Despite the small number of the participants, an impressive mood did not break until around 01:30 clock.On

Sunday, the 2nd Magic Wood Charity Boulder Event was on. The entry fee of the participants aimed to spending directly to Compared to last year, a new participants record was recorded here. At the end of the day, the prizes were given to all participants and the donations announced.

From the total entry fee of CHF 145.-, which were doubled by Bodhi Climbing and in addition, Luzi Bau AG donated CHF 150.-. Thus, we transfer a total of CHF 440.- to to help them with Lebanon project.

As always, we can look back on a wonderful weekend at the Magic Wood and look forward to the next year.

Thanks again to all volunteers and our team for the amazing job. Last but not least, thanks to all generous sponsors as following:

Gebro Verlag GbR Mountain Wilderness Schweiz


Nihil Panico Alpinverlag Luzi Bau



La Sportiva


Marmot Bodhi Climbing Gasthaus Edelweiss - Backpackers Generoso - Bodhi Camping

Special thanks to Gebro Verlag for the support of the IG Magic Wood. A part per sold copy of the new guidebook will go directly to the IG Magic Wood. Thanks a lot.

Photocredit: Aleš Vysloužil & Thomas Saluz

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