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  • Thomas Saluz

Winter 2018

Winter is here in full affect. The first time in 3years properly since middle of November...which made me a kind of happy, even bouldering at Magic Wood came to an end earlier then other seasons. Never mind, that way we could stick to the contract and lock down the campground...long story, but we reveal more at the end of this winter.

Now it's February already and we are hosting mainly skitouring groups or ice climbers. End of January was our IceAge Viamala event, which we organise and host in cooperation with the Bergsportschule grischa for the 3rd time. It' was a full success and a blast weekend to look forward to it again in 2019.

With the first snow last year, my climbing came to a stop due work, conditions, holidays and other circumstances. Im always ok not to climb for a while...but then it's breaking out again. Nothing can stop you and you wanna touch rock again. Feel me? I was working and hanging around in my office for all the time. After two month of not moving i felt like there need to be a change. Jumping up from my office chair, grabbing a pair of climbing shoes and a pad, and off i was to check out some dry boulders deep in snow. The only dry piece was the legendary "Never ending story" and so i ended up trying some moves in this testpiece. Even due lack of fitness i found motivation and tried hard for nearly two hours. Then it got to cold in my MadRock Remoras and i packed the stuff. A few days later i was back on the boulder trying to improve beta.

Now as i would be motivated to climb, temperatures drop to nearly -10 degress and i couldn't feel myself being out there trying.

Have to come up with a plan soon, not to fall back into the same lazyness.

You can read more about the ICEAGE Viamala 2018 and other stuff on our other website: within the next days. Using the quite time in the Restaurant to reorganise websites and the office.

Im on it...and out for now.

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