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  • Thomas Saluz

Time is flying

Over a year since my last entry here...time is flying by and without a season 15 review, already season 16 close ahead of us...

We're sitting the winter, which is not a real one either this year, out here. At least me is waiting desperately for spring to come. Life to come in the valley and bouldering area again. Sadly last weekend we got 75cm fresh pow, so climbing is not first priority at the moment.

So let's look back shortly to last year, as we always done. It was all in all an amazing season. One of the dryest ever, as far as i remember and one of the longest too. End of March 2015 some cracks made their way up to us and with them other climbers...and stayed in until the first days in 2016. Busy month in July and August as usual and great conditions in a peaceful bouldering area before and after the high season. The crowd left with the last days of August and condition seekers came for shorter visits to enjoy the boulders. At christmas and new year we had some of the best days, while you hang out in Font, Italy or even further south...

Beginning of January winter kicked in softly. We never had a lot of snow yet...some locals believe that it will still come and snow us in. Me personally don't think it will happen. It was never really cold and the ground not frozen deeply. Some locals have been here ever since to try some projects and im sure spring will come soon again. Or at least i hope...hope for diffrent reasons.

With the current winter conditions ice climbing season is not really popular this winter. I reckon all over most of Europe and people are not really motivated for it.

Meanwhile it got very quite in the valley...

...Time for other stuff, time to think...

...It's the 5th season we starting up here at the Edelweiss, the 8th season in total at Bodhi Camping. Season for Season we try to organise the chaotic camp and scene at Magic Wood. Aware of not to use messy. Messy was back then...

Still we fight for acceptance and against racism from local side...fighting against all the lies and rumours spreading about us. Somehow i do not care much about and still there is a part of me who screams for justice and finally freedom...and i believe we will find it.

By the way, do you know Science? Some of you do im sure...she's my beautiful, lovely wife and the reason i talk or write this blog as we.

For those who do not know her:

Science is an amazing person, the boss of this organisation who keeps the shit together. Science is organising all the events, an amazing thai kitchen on saturday and a lot of stuff in the background. Furthermore Science arrange the whole human resources and keeps the team motivated all year around. It's her who should get most of the credit for the show here.

I'm married to Science for 10years this falling and im really looking forward for the next episode towards the twenty...It will be an exciting one ahead, the time of trust 'n truth.

Since i met Science back in 2003 she never spoke an untrue word, never blamed somebody for no reason and was always right with her prediction...still she got a pack of hounds on her neck. I wish she got more respected and accepted...not only at the International women's day.

I'm here to help and fight those bastards off...

...time for other stuff, time to think... we planning great things in and for the future here at Magic Wood, we will survive those storms. We try to keep you updated over this blog, the page or our Facebook accounts more frequently then usually. Hope to find and take time for it.

Thanks for reading this blog and visiting our site. For those, friends or newcomers , who want to know more about the truth, we always open to socialise and talk face to face...

Have a great winter end and we really looking forward to see you guys all again once Magic Wood is in conditions.

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