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Bodhis short season review 2014

After we just had some first snow in the valley conditions are now surely back. Checked by myself monday afternoon. Nice, cold temps for the whole day and dry boulders as far as i seen as well as a very good forecast for the upcoming days ahead.

It's a while since i've sitting here trying to write something and as far as i remember this is the 3rd time im starting this particular blog.

This season just flew by again and we have seen a lot of familiar as well as new faces passing by. Not the best conditions in summer due a lot of minimal rainy days but almost always climbable, people enjoyed the "empty" wood.

We celebrated an amazing 5. Magic Wood Clean Up Day with 100 volunteers from all over the world.

Hosted the Salewa Rock Show Finals as well as many other interesting beginners or profesional climbers who spreaded great vibrations all season long.

Had the honour to test the new MadRock RedLine Shoe with the whole crew. Never had a better felling with a climbing shoe - check it out, it's worth a try.

To look back and mentioned a problem this season would be complaining for no reason and the once occured we simply laugh about. :)

Specially the stubborn older german who's too lazy to move his tent and try to calm me down with his mindyoga and avoiding work.. :) For the once involved and arround i throw in a sorry for my shouting. For the stubborn eldery, if he read and understand, please just listen first time and we can avoid further discussions. :)

Me personally had one of the best season in the valley.

Not climbing like, as im far away from my personal best...but that i found my peace and balance again in the forest. Simply happy to be out there and pull a few moves, doesn't matter if the project falls or not. After i pulled my hamstring early in the season in Ticino i had to cancel my wish tick-list anyway... 10 out of 12 boulder where for a right hook and impossible to even think about it.

Still working a bit too much, but better organised then the years before, i enjoyed a few hours more of bouldering in Magic Wood. Even been already & urgently needed on a family holiday trip to sacre bleau. BIG THANKS on this part to Claudio Clavadetscher (Chef de cuisine) & Georg Grubner (Schnitzelking and general drudge) to make this possible. We spent a beautiful week exploring Paris and Font on diffrentpath, not only climbing, while this two guys worked their ass. Respect and thanks again. I might write i little special blog about it in a few days.

Now we are looking forward to some a more peacefull, less hectical time of the year. Time for other things and maybe still a couple of good days of cranking.

Last but not least, i would like to say thanks again simply to everybody involved in this season and our time @ Magic Wood as well as my whole family for the neverending support on all sides if needed. Your simply the best. Much Love and appreciation.


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