Thomas "donporro" Saluz

Role: el cheffe & hombre for everything.

Born: 1978

Favorite Crag's: Magic Wood, Cresciano, Hampi, Crazy Horse Buttress Chiang Mai,

Climbing Special: Mentale Mantle

Me as an animal: I dream of beeing a monkey and hold tight on smallest grips or to fly my circles above Magic Wood as an eagle.

What's important to me: honesty, my family & friends, nature & Magic Wood


Motto: It's easier with a smile...


something i still would like to expierence: A give me 5 of my daughter after we climbed our project "Astronautenfieber". My kids growing up healthy & aging with my lovely wife in peace.

Important milestones:

Kindergarten, school and education we skip...nobody interested about that shit anymore anyway.


In my early age of beeing a boy and later teenager i cruised around with my family in the Alps of Graubünden and climbing areas nearby home. The climbing virus broke out arround 1998 and the rock got me...

1998-2003 Traveling and climbing in Switzerland and Europe.

2003-2007 Traveling from India to New Zealand with a long term stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2006 I got married to my beautiful, beloved wife Science.

2009 Science and me launched Bodhi Climbing and got the opportunity from the community of Ferrera to rund the campground @ Magic Wood. Thats how Bodhi Camping arose.

2010 birth of my daugher Alycia Malee. A beautiful, magical moment.

2012 we could expand our business and rent the Gasthaus Edelweiss and Backpackers Generoso in Ausserferrera. Our target to bring climbers and locals closer together and a bit of life in this small village.

2014 Adoption of my step-daughter Bamboo & the founding of the IG Magic Wood.


To be continued.