ATTENTION! This video not just contains hard core bouldering, mind-blowing landscape and world class music. This video contains a high level of motivation and inspiration. 

It was never meant to be. But with the help of many friends, we have been able to produce the first B&M Video. Featured on this Boat trip is Justin Hawkins, (SA) Belinda Weiss (A) and Torstein Eide (NOR). The crazy camera of Josh Knox (UK) and tAhe climbing artistry of Bernd Zangerl (A) and „Newcomer“ Therese Johansen (NOR) tops the film off. 


So, check your sound system, (or put your earplugs on) sit down & relax.....and enjoy world-class bouldering along Norway’s beautiful coastline! 


Special Thanks to Makossa&Megablast, Flip, Famara and the Billy Rubin Trio!

DVD Northern Beats

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