Netthida "Science" Saluz

Role: The boss & creative mind

Born: 1984

Favorite Crag's: Crazy Horse Buttress Chiang Mai, Thailand

Climbing Special: Belaypartner, Spotter, Motivator

Me as an animal:  A monster disguised as a cat.

What's important to me: Family & world peace


Motto:Torture for racist's


something i still would like to expierence: mmmhhh

Important milestones:

After the secondary school, I had 2 years in high-school studied German language. Then I left to chased one of my dream at Chiang Mai Technical School studied Electrical Power. 


I never really been a sporty person but I do love swimming, I could be in swimming pool for six hours in a row with joy and of course, in the warm temperture. (Now I have to add snowboarding to my favorite sport, for some reason I fall in love with it)



2001 The birth of my daughter "Bamboo"

2004 Climbing came into my life together with my husband. Since then I've been bouldering and climbing, eventough I am afraid of height. 

2005/06 Office-Assistant @ Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

2007 After Married we've moved to Switzerland.

2009 We've introduced Bodhi Climbing to climbing community, together with openning of Bodhi Camping at Magic Wood.

2010 The birth of my second daughter "Alycia Malee"


2012 Since beginning of this year, we've expanded to run Guesthouse Generoso and Restaurant Edelweiss in Ausserferrera. Our goal is to bring harmony between locals and climbers, while maintain nature to be like it always has been....

To be continued.