Dan "the man" moore

Role: Ambassador & Team Climber

Born:  0000/00/00 (the time of the big bang) /  in my current form: 05/04/1989

Favorite Crag's:

UK: The moist crags of Snowdonia,  the swinging sea cliffs of Swanage, the bitingly cold north face of Ben Nevis, the icy coires around Cairn Gorm. Pembroke. Lakes. Peaks.

Abroad: Duh! obviously Font.  Magic Wood and Ticino, CH. Rocklands, RSA.

Climbing Special: Currently: easy slabs (both wrists badly broken in a longboarding accident). Generally: The two extremes, boulders ........... and mountains (specifically good at suffering)​

Me as an animal:  I am an animal. The species homosapien is classed under Animalia – to feel otherwise is what’s lead the world to its sorry state today. But if I was a different animal, right now I’d be a caged raging bull.

What's important to me: love, nature, adventure, and standing atop my mountains on my own two feet.



From film best exotic marigold hotel: 

Everything will be alright in the end, and if its not alright, its not the end.


something i still would like to expierence: The River Bed. The Matterhorn. The Piz Badile. From Darkness to Sunshine. Never Ending Story. Join a monastry. Escape a monastry. Meet a girl. Live. Die. Be reborn.

Important milestones:

- 8a, Boulder

 - E5, Trad

 - Grade IV, Scottish Mixed

- 1+, Sport

- 000, Aid climbing

- Grade 1, Aid bouldering (my invention)

- 1st Place, 2 years running: London Universities Bouldering Event (LUBE)

- Grade 10, Winter Suffering (16 hour bivoack in snow blizzard and >50mph winds on Castle Ridge Ben Nevis.) 

To be continued.