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Spring is here an summer coming soon

Time passing fast, also up here in the peaceful valley of Ferrera. After the strong winter we are already in the middle of the bouldering season. Warning this is a season overarching got out of hand and took my ages to sit down and write again. I left my projects at Bruno bloc, due more climbers coming in. Have fun on it, i'll be back in autumn. At least i could finish the original Supernova, my first 8a in my long climbing career, before moving my stash pads high up the hill to calmer corners of the woods. The new targets are first ascents or boulders up to 7c/8a to get even stronger. I'm highly motivated to climb as much as possible between working shifts or on days off. Feeling

9th Magic Wood Clean Up Day

25./26. August 2018: Due to the bad weather forecasts, we can only gather 45 volunteers for the ninth edition of our annual legendary Clean Up Day in the morning for registration and briefing this year. After a short speech by the IG Magic Wood, all participants poured water into bottles or other containers and headed into the forest. Since there is hardly any garbage in the forest, this year we concentrated on cleaning the boulders. As well as the weather has not invited to climb anyway, all participants have made huge amounts of boulders clean. At this point, again a huge thank you for your participation and commitment. At 19 o'clock the hungry helpers were enjoyed a delicious grill and sa

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